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Glass & Quartz Applications

S & S Optical precision glass parts and precision quartz parts are used for a wide range of applications and industries, including aerospace, information display, industrial, instrumentation, medical, military and scientific applications.

A manufacturer may place S & S Optical parts made of mirror glass or filter glass deep within their equipment for one application and place the parts in exposed areas for the next. Thus we have to listen very carefully to what the customer is telling us about the part, the assembly and its wider application use, as well as the environment and the tolerances. Based on this information, we will often build a prototype from the ground up and manufacture it using equipment designed and built by our engineering staff for the express purpose of fabricating these specialized parts. Needless to say, we develop very close working relationships with our clients.

Examples of Precision Glass and Quartz

  • Multi-pane, insulated windows for industrial applications.
  • CRT and LCD displays
  • Deep sea optics (high performance light and cover windows)
  • Gauge Glasses
  • Guidance systems
  • Lasers (prisms, lenses, beam splitters)
  • Lenses
  • Light and image intensification for night vision, information displays (fiber optic faceplates)
  • Machine Inspection
  • Marine (high pressure resistant camera / lighting windows and domes
  • Medical
  • Photographic
  • Process, liquid level, oil level observation (sight glasses)
  • Projection systems
  • Scientific (laboratory glassware)
  • Ultraviolet and infrared detectors, sensors
  • Vacuum ports for silicon wafer coatings
  • Windows for extreme environments (glass and quartz resistant to high temperature, pressure, chemical degradation, radiation)
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