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Here at S & S Optical Company we pride ourselves on having a long standing reputation as leaders in our industry. This reputation has been in place since our founding in 1950, and over the years, while our business has evolved into a company that provides optical solutions through fabrication of custom glass & quartz parts, we remain at the top of the class when it comes to high quality customer service and expertise.

Our optical glass selection is a prime example of this. As with all of our products, we will become involved at the early stages of your idea or need in order to help design a final product that will go above and beyond your expectations. Optical glass itself is special glass that is utilized in devices such as scanners, sensors, cathode ray tubes, etc. The actual application of the finished product matters greatly when it comes to selecting glass or quartz with the appropriate properties.

Considerations of Optical Glass

When purchasing optical glass there are a few things to consider: the overall purpose(s) of the part, the temperature of the operating environment, the frequency of use, as well as chemical resistance and/or mechanical strength requirements. The reason that we take the time to understand the application of the finished product is so that we can select a material type that will meet or exceed that application’s requirements.

Selecting Material

Selecting the proper material is just the first step of the process, as we then transition into the actual fabrication of your customized optical elements. The great thing about working with S & S Optical Company is that we take great deal of pride in performing detailed custom work - so much so that we will adapt, purchase or even build the machinery and/or tooling needed to ensure a final product that is manufactured to your exact preferences and specifications—all while remaining flexible to your production deadlines and just-in-time requirements.

Contact us today at (260) 749-9614 for more information about our optical glass services or fill out our request for quote form today to see if we can provide you a custom solution for your unique need.
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